AlZen is a comprehensive healing retreat with all possible power plants in Alto Paraiso, Brazil

The whole range of healing methods, tools for development, symbiosis of the best on the Earth join in the AlZen retreat.

Magnificent nature, waterfalls, places and plants of power, delicious food, depth and wisdom of the local guides - all this was absorbed by the retreat program.

The name AlZen means Al - the highest (Alatyr, Altar, Almaz, Alchemy) and Zen (presence, minimum ritual).

Thanks to this journey, you can easily remember yourself, your true essence, synchronize with the reality and get into unison with it, find harmony by revealing your natural Gifts and Siddhi.

Realizing how difficult it is for of a modern man to open his heart, empty the mind and experience the moment of zen, we have brought together many effective tools: quantum therapy, alchemical medicines, tribal potions, plants from different parts of the world and the knowledge of masters, who are happy to share.

By allowing ourselves to abandon the outer world troubles, we dive into our infinite inner space and find there beauty, wisdom, joy and peace.

All means of experience potentialization help us fill all the parts that need attention and healing with Light.

Respecting all traditions, we open space for the most important thing - for healing through silence and non-interference in the individual and unique process of each person.

The retreat is based on various shamanic traditions which are present in Brazil: Santo Daime, Umbanda, Zen, Camino Rojo (red path), the ideas and teachings of Osho and other great spiritual masters.

In presence and silence, we gain a chance to discover the treasures stored in our hearts. Work on the heart center is our way to heal the whole system. Love is our medicine.

The intensity of the dive is gradually increasing, which allows you to gently enter the process and dive deep in a mode, whcih is comfortable for each person and the whole group.

The spirit of AlZen awakens when everyone in the tribe finds their function. Joy is manifested from the feeling of equality, involvement and participation in the processes of the group.

The retreat time is filled with trips to the best waterfalls of the crystalline plateau of Alto Paraiso, work with body and mind, purification, art, dancing, holistic healing methods.

Teaching to work with medicinal plants, interaction with the kingdom of minerals, acquaintance with traditions and Brazilian cuisine.


In the heart of South America, the geographical center of Brazil, on the high plateau of Chapada dos Viadeiros, there is Alto Paraiso town.

High Paradise, as its name is translated from Portuguese, and here's why:

❤ An alternative, eco-friendly, international community, Alto Paraiso is a town where there are about 8000 people and more than 33 nationalities, people with an open mind and holistic views.

❤ More than 1400 waterfalls of incredible beauty and only 300 of them are officially open to visitors.

❤ The highest biodiversity on Earth, up to 40 different plants per square meter, due to natural fires plants have high regenerative and healing properties, and the ground is constantly renovated to the current vibrations of the Planet.

❤ A crystalline cluster, 500 km in diameter, has strong electromagnetic radiation, recorded from space by NASA satellites. This is one of the reasons why Chapada is a Place of Power, everyone here feels it.

❤ Unique fauna, here you can meet Arar, Toucans, Hummingbirds, Owls, Anteaters, Iguanas, Deer, Vegetarian Wolf and even a Leopard.

The weather in Alto Paraiso is always perfect. There are two summers here, a dry and a wet ones. It is never too hot (we are at an altitude of up to 1650 meters above sea level) and never cold, it is fresh when rainy. The rains are not long, they pass and the sun shines. Depending on the weather, retreats are more retrospective or filled with external activities.

The rituals are performed by experienced and loving guides, a close-knit team, friends who use power plants together, play live music for free, non-sectarian, non-dogmatic self-knowledge and collective harmonization.

Kind by nature, wise, caring, we know how to bring people back to themselves. Knowing the quality of the consciousness purity, having a great experience of diving, we open up the sacred space both for getting acquainted with medicine and for people with experience, for a high flight. Respecting many traditions and religions, we are not followers of any of them.

We don't call ourselves shamans, spiritual guides, teachers, gurus or anything like that. We are your Spiritual brothers and sisters, who have stepped on this path earlier, we open space for this self-knowledge and self-healing.

Medicine activates the memory and self-awareness of every cell of the body, opens up multidimensional vision and the possibility of traveling around the inner and outer universes. The ceremony can take place in silence and meditation, as well as be accompanied by self-expression, dancing and the celebration of life. Feel free, there are no restrictions in the manifestation of your true essence.

The absence of Ego-Shamanism, distracting attributes and excessive ritualism does not mean superficiality, on the contrary, we open a sacred, totally protected space where everyone feels loved and can return to the ease of being their true selves.

Rituals take place in the Temple, a special space for the acceptance of medicine, created according to the principles of sacred geometry. Sometimes, if possible, ceremonies take place outdoors.

The ritual of the ceremony is a space of secrets that requires certain discipline, preparation and understanding. Keep your mind and heart open to the experience.

During all processes, we help and support you, ensuring maximum comfort for the most favorable and deep experience.

On the journey to yourself you’ll find:

۩ 5 ceremonies with Sacred Medicine from the Amazon Liana (additional ceremonies are possible, it all depends on the readiness of the group).

۩ Interaction with various sacred medical and Power plants (Aivasca, San Pedro, Rape, Sananga, Mapacho, Cat's Claw, Dragon's Blood, as well as other magical and secret plants that you will learn about in the process)

۩ Trips to the most beautiful and powerful waterfalls: every few days we organize trips to renew and ground the experience gained by hiking in nature and swimming in the crystalline waters of Chapada dos Viadeiros. The aim of these trips is not touristic, but therapeutic, so it is forbidden not to go to the waterfalls!

Trip cost 3000$

The cost doesn’t include:

Our Guides:


Alexey is a researcher of consciousness, plants and occult traditions and an artist, has been a travel organizer for 12 years.
He is interested in alternative versions of human history, all methods of self-knowledge and gaining integrity.
A healer who has found harmony and inspiration through a versatile path of knowledge and creation.


Tatiana is a natural perfumer, designer of spaces, fragrances and the inspiration of Madre Terra project.
She has worked with plants, allopathic and alternative therapies, done yoga, meditation and practices for 17 years.
An event organizer with 13 years of experience, she is interested in astrology and alchemy.

Feel beloved, renewed and blissful!

We will be so happy to meet you in magical and sunny Brazil and show you the most interesting and magical places.

AlZen is real Gift for connecting with yourself and Pacha Mama (the source of life).

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